Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions​

Most frequent questions and answers

Highly efficient fireplace we call the fireplaces with a door that closes air-tightly, have an efficiency of 70% and above and are capable of secondary and tertiary burning. 

Yes, you can. Our company has the latest technology equipment and a highly experienced crew to insert your fireplace, without causing any inconvenience.

The installation of one fireplace usually takes from 4 hours to one(1) full day.

The best wood is the dry wood. We recommend Olive, Carob, Oak and Lemon trees. The logs must be cut at least a year before and be left outside to air-dry.

The consumption is

Wood: From one and a half(1.5) to four(4) kg per hour depending on the model and the size.

Gas: From 200g to 1kg per hour depending on the model and the size.

Electric: From 300watts to 2kW per hour depending on the heat levels.

It depends on what kind of woods someone is using in the fireplace, but we recommend once every year.

Yes, the warranty is 2-10 years depending on the model of the fireplace.